How do I migrate to RememBear from another password manager?

RememBear currently has the ability to import passwords from both LastPass and 1Password. We hope to add more import options in future versions. The import feature is currently available on RememBear for Windows and macOS. You will be able to import any login items and credit card details. 

Exporting on LastPass: Find more information on exporting your passwords to a .CSV file from LastPass here
Make sure to select the option to “Include Column Labels” during export

Exporting from 1Password: Find more information on exporting your passwords to a .CSV file from 1Password here.
Make sure to select “All Fields” and the option to “Include Column Labels” during export

Importing on Windows: Open the RememBear application, locate the gear icon on the left hand side, under the General tab, find the Import section and select browse.

You can also import passwords saved in both Chrome and Firefox* browsers. Simply head into your settings and locate the "Import from Browser" button. Then, select the browser(s) you want to import from and select the items you want to import.

*If you have a Master Password set up in Firefox, you will not be able to use this import process as your bear will not be able to decrypt your passwords.

Importing on MacOS: Open the RememBear application, select File, then select Import and click Import from another password manager.

One more step, for security reasons, don’t forget to delete the .CSV file completely once you’ve imported your passwords. 

If you run into any issues importing your passwords, let our support bears know! We’re actively working to improve this feature and appreciate any feedback. We do hope to support importing passwords from even more password managers in the future, so stay tuned!