I’ve forgotten my Master Password. What do I do?

Sorry to hear that! When you initially created your RememBear account you would have been prompted to create a Backup Kit, which you hopefully printed and stored away securely. Your Backup Kit consists of your email address, New Device Key, and Master Password. You’ll be needing the information contained within the Backup Kit to re-gain access to everything stored in RememBear. 

Before you go to restore your items, make sure you have your Backup Kit in front of you. Then, download and open the RememBear app on your device. At the login screen, select the “I already have a RememBear account” prompt and follow the instructions.

If you’ve forgotten you Master Password and also lost your Backup Kit, unfortunately there is no way to recover the account. RememBear encrypts and decrypts your items directly on your physical device. This means we never have access to your Master Password, which in turn means we have no way of retrieving it from our end if you forget it (this is actually part of what makes RememBear so secure!). It’s very important to remember your Master Password and store your Backup Kit in a safe place for this very reason. If you have any questions regarding this or want to know your options are if you've lost access to your account, you can get in touch with one of our friendly Support Bears - we're happy to help!