How do I change my Master Password?

You’ll need access to the RememBear app to change your Master Password. Please note that you will need to know your current Master password to change it to something new. If you’ve forgotten your Master Password see this article instead

To change your Master Password on Windows & macOS: Open the main RememBear app window. In the sidebar menu on the right, locate the gear icon (bottom corner) and select it. A new menu will open. Under the Account tab locate the Change Master Password option and select it.  Follow the instructions.

To change your Master Password on Android & iOS: Open the RememBear app. Select the menu button from the top left corner (3 horizontal lines), this will open a sidebar menu from the right edge of the screen. Locate the Settings option and select it.  A new menu will open. Locate the Account section and select the Change Master Password option. Follow the instructions.

Once your password is changed, you'll be prompted to log in on any other devices where you currently have RememBear logged into that account. If you were using fingerprint or face unlock on your mobile devices, you may have to re-enable fingerprint or face unlock on those devices.