What is a Backup Kit and why do I need one?

Your Backup Kit allows you to safely store your Master Password, New Device Key and account email address. If you ever lose access to all of your logged in devices or log out and uninstall the application, you'll need all of these to get back in.

You should be walked through creating a Backup Kit when you first create your account. If you were not or if you skipped this step originally, you can find the information for your Backup Kit by opening the RememBear app, clicking on the Menu > Add a New Device > PC or Mac > Add Without Camera. Once there, find a safe place to write down your New Device Key, Master Password and email address.

Whether you print your Backup Kit or write down the details by hand, be sure to store it somewhere safe. You'll need these three pieces of information (Master Password, New Device Key, and Account Email address) if you ever lose access to your account.