Why are my past achievements not unlocked?

A recent update of the RememBear app introduced Achievements. These are small tasks that you can complete to ensure that your RememBear is set up to work seamlessly across all of your devices.

If you have been using RememBear since the app was in beta (November 2017 to April 2018), there's a chance that you'll see some of these achievements still "locked." This is because you went through the account creation process before we implemented achievements on the server side, so it's impossible for us to see which achievements you've actually unlocked. Sorry about that!

If you have any achievements listed as "locked," all you have to to to unlock them is quickly repeat the action. We realize this is not ideal, but we can assure you that most of the achievements should only take a few seconds.

If you're unsure of how to unlock a specific achievement, get in touch with our friendly support bears here so they can help!