Getting Started

Privacy and Security

  • Why should I trust RememBear?

    Firstly, we have a ferocious privacy policy, which clearly outlines how we collect the minimum amount of information possible necessary to provide you with a secure and reliable service. We make 100% of our revenue from paid subscriptions to our original service, TunnelBear VPN along with subscriptions to RememBear Premium. This means we have no reason to collect your personal/usage data and sell it to third parties in order to make money.

    Secondly, RememBear is independently code audited to ensure it is consistently in line with the highest standards of security. As a company, we have a track record of posting our audit results publicly, having conducted the industry first audit for TunnelBear. We’re so confident we’re doing everything we can to protect you and your personal data across the board that we've now published the RememBear audit as well.

    Last, but not least, we have bears (rawr!). Who doesn't trust ferocious, cuddly bears?

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  • How does RememBear protect my items?

    RememBear encrypts your items using both your Master Password and a unique device key generated by the application. It stores your items, including passwords, in an encrypted file on your device and on our secure servers for sync and backup purposes.

    That said, RememBear will only encrypt and decrypt the items on your physical device. This means that your passwords and other items are always encrypted during syncing and remain encrypted when in storage on our secure servers. You and ONLY you are ever able to access your items as long as you keep your master password private.

    You can read more about RememBear's security design here.

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  • What devices will RememBear work on?

    RememBear is currently available for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android devices. You can find the RememBear apps and the minimum supported OS versions on our download page.

    RememBear also provides an accompanying browser extension for desktop platforms (Windows and macOS) that allows you to automatically fill login details in the username and password fields on the websites you visit. However, please be aware the extension will not work on its own - you'll need to have the desktop app installed for it to function.

    The RememBear browser extension is currently available for ChromeSafari, and Firefox browsers.

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  • What is RememBear?

    RememBear is a password manager that securely stores and remembers all of your strong passwords, with a Bear! It stores your passwords (and a few other types of items) and syncs them securely across all of your devices so you always have them at hand. RememBear also allows you to generate super strong random passwords that not even a Grizzly could get their paws on.

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  • How do I set up RememBear?

    Getting started with RememBear is easy. Head over to the download page and grab RememBear for your device. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the app on your first device, you’ll be prompted to create an account. Follow the instructions to complete the process. Make sure to create a Backup Kit.

    Once you have RememBear installed and ready on the first device, you can proceed to install it on other devices. 

    Windows and macOS:

    Start by opening the RememBear app window. In the sidebar menu on the right, locate the Add a New Device option and select it. Follow the instructions.

    For Android and iOS: 

    Start by opening the RememBear app. Select the menu button from the top left corner (3 horizontal lines), this will open a sidebar menu from the right edge of the screen. Locate the Add a New Device option and select it. Follow the instructions.

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  • What information can I store in RememBear?

    You can store logins, two-step verification codes, credit card information and notes securely in RememBear. Logins also have an extra section for notes which could include additional information about the login, like backup codes for the service or instructions for use.

    We're currently working on adding new functionality to all of the RememBear applications, so stay tuned for more features and items types down the road.

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