• Why isn't RememBear autofilling my passwords?

    Autofill not working on any website:

    Make sure that you have the autofill function enabled on your device.

    On iOS version 11 and below, open Safari browser > select the ‘share’ button (square with an arrow coming out the top) > Scroll to the right until you see a button called 'More', tap it > From the list locate 'RememBear' and toggle it on

    On iOS version 12 and above you can use Apple's auto-fill mechanism. To enable it open iOS settings > Locate 'Passwords & Accounts' > 'Auto-fill Passwords' > Make sure 'AutoFill Passwords' is toggled on and from the list make sure 'RememBear' is checked.


    Make sure that you have the autofill function enabled on your device. You should have set this up when you downloaded the app, but if you skipped this step during setup, simply open your RememBear app, open the Menu > Settings > RememBear Autofill > Go to Settings and follow the instructions to enable autofill.

    If you're already seeing the RememBear auto-fill bubble when trying to log in to a site, but it's only allowing you to manually copy/paste the information then it's likely you're using an unsupported browser. On Android versions 6 and lower we support Chrome browser. On Android 8 and higher we support Chrome, Firefox Focus, Opera, Brave, Microsoft Edge, and DuckDuckGo


    Autofill not working on certain sites:

    It's possible that the RememBear application might not be detecting your username or password fields correctly. If this is the case, you can report the affected site or application directly via the RememBear app (without having to contact support).

    Windows and macOS (via the browser extension): 

    With your browser window open, navigate to the webpage where you’re having problems. Once there, select the RememBear extension icon, select the gear icon in the bottom right corner and select Report broken autofill. The URL field will already be populated, but you can also add some extra info about the problem if you think it will help us. When you’re done, select Send to send the report.

    Android (via the RememBear Browser): 

    Open the RememBear app and locate the item that you’re having issues with. Within the item, select the website URL to open the site in RememBear’s built-in browser. With the site open in the RememBear browser navigate to the login area of the site. Select the menu button in the top right corner (3 dots) and from the menu that appears, select Report Broken Auto Fill and follow the instructions.

    iOS (via the RememBear Browser):

    Open the RememBear app and locate the item that you’re having issues with. Within the item, select the website URL to open the site in RememBear’s built in browser. With the site open in the RememBear browser, click the lightning bolt icon in the bottom right corner. If there's nothing to fill, you'll see a pop-up that indicates there was nothing to fill. In that pop-up, click the "report broken" button to submit your feedback.

    Note that we do not respond directly to you when you submit autofill reports. However, the RememBear team are continuously reviewing reports and fixing site specific issues. If you need to contact us, you can get in touch with one of our friendly Support Bears. In the interim, you should be able to copy and paste your passwords manually from the RememBear application into the site or app where you're currently trying to login.

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  • Can I sync my passwords to a local file only, rather than to the cloud?

    Unfortunately, this is not currently possible.

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  • Can I use RememBear when I’m offline?

    Absolutely. When you’re offline you’ll still have access to your passwords and other information. You can also still create and edit existing items. Once an internet connection becomes available, RememBear will make sure your changes are synced to the rest of your devices.

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  • What is the RememBear browser and why should I use it?

    The RememBear browser is built into our mobile applications (Android and iOS). It allows you to more easily use your passwords by filling passwords directly from RememBear into a browser page contained within the RememBear app. Unfortunately, if you use your regular browser app, this is not possible as many browser applications do not support autofill. If you're not finding that the RememBear browser is filling your passwords properly, see here for instructions on how to report the issue.

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  • Why do I need the full desktop application?

    RememBear offers a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Safari web browsers (more browser support coming soon).

    The extension does not function as standalone app and will still require you install the full desktop application. Currently, we provide desktop applications for macOS and Windows. We do not support Chrome OS or Linux and as a result the extension will not function on these operating systems.

    Why don't we just make a standalone extension? One of the key focuses of RememBear is security. When we created RememBear we wanted to make sure you and only you have access to the sensitive information you store in your Bear. As a result of some of these core security related decisions, it's not currently possible to create a standalone extension that adheres to these standards. You can learn more about how RememBear was designed in this blog post.

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  • Why won't RememBear sync?

    Sync is only available for RememBear Premium accounts. If you currently have a free RememBear account, you'll need to upgrade to a RememBear Premium subscription to enable syncing of your items across multiple devices. To read more about upgrading click here. If you're seeing 'greyed' out items, it's because those items were not created on the device you're using so you will not have access to them until you upgrade.

    That said, there are a few reasons that might cause your items not to sync:

    If you do not have an active Internet connection, your items will not be able to sync. You can still access all of your saved passwords, but if you add new passwords, they will not sync to other devices until you have an active Internet connection.

    If RememBear isn’t syncing, it may be that there is a third-party application on your device that is interfering (eg. Anti-virus, firewall, security applications, blocked by a corporate or public network). We recommend disabling any applications you think may interfere with RememBear and try syncing again.

    Though very rare, there is the possibility that RememBear servers are undergoing planned maintenance or are experiencing an unexpected issue. If this is the case, we’ll do our best to notify users. The best solution for this is to simply wait and try syncing RememBear again later.

    If you're finding that RememBear is not syncing as it should, try forcing a sync. Here’s how:


    RememBear for Windows and MacOS is designed to sync automatically every 10 minutes. If you’d like to force RememBear to sync, hold your mouse over the sync status. You should see "Sync Now" appear. Click this to force your bear to sync.


    RememBear for Android and iOS should sync each time you open the app. If it doesn’t, you can force-sync RememBear by pulling down on your list of items. This should prompt your bear to sync up!

    If you’re still having issues, or are finding that your bear is having trouble syncing, feel free to reach out to our friendly support bears here.

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