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  • I've lost access to my account, what should I do?

    Sorry to hear that you've lost access to your account! There are two ways to re-gain access to an account.

    Another RememBear device:
    If you have another device with RememBear already logged in, you can use this to re-gain access. From the other device locate the 'Add new device' option and follow the instructions. Note, you'll still need to remember your Master Password to get access this way.

    Backup Kit:
    If you've forgotten your Master Password then you'll need to refer to your Backup Kit. When you initially created your RememBear account you would have been prompted to create a Backup Kit. Hopefully you printed and stored this away securely as recommended! A complete Backup Kit consists of your account email address, New Device Key, and Master Password. You’ll need all of this information to re-gain access to your RememBear account. Unlike many services, RememBear's high level of security means that resetting this information if you lose it is not possible. You can read more about the Backup Kit here.

    If you do have access to a complete Backup Kit then simply open the RememBear app on your device. At the login screen, select the “I already have a RememBear account” prompt and follow the instructions.

    If you’ve forgotten you Master Password and also lost your Backup Kit, unfortunately there is no way to recover the account or the items stored within it. Your only option at this point is to delete your account. For more info on how to delete your account, click here.

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  • What is a Backup Kit and why do I need one?

    The RememBear Backup Kit is a crucial piece of your RememBear account. Due to RememBear’s ferocious security, there is no way to reset this information or get a new Backup kit if you lose it! You can read about RememBear’s security design in this blog post.

    During signup, you will be prompted to create a Backup Kit. You can follow along with the instructions outlined here.

    A complete Backup Kit contains three crucial pieces of information,

    • Your account email address
    • A New Device Key (a unique 25 digit code)
    • Your Master Password

Important things to understand:

    • If you’re missing any of the above information, the Backup Kit is rendered useless

    • You are required to make a note of the Master Password on the Backup Kit yourself, we can’t display it on-screen for security reasons.

    Once you have a completed Backup Kit, keep it somewhere safe. You’ll likely need access to it later on! If you don’t have a Backup Kit yet, it might not be too late to make one! See this article for more info.

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  • What should my Master Password be?

    Great question! You’ll need to think of something strong, but memorable. Your Master Password will be a big part of what protects all of your other passwords. It’s also the password you’ll be using to unlock RememBear on a daily basis. We recommend that you use a strong password that you’ve never used before. It should include a few random words or characters (this will keep it memorable but strong). It should also be a minimum of 8 characters long and adding a number or two into the mix wouldn’t hurt. You could even include a special character, just to keep things exciting!

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  • How do I create a Backup Kit?

    You can create a Backup Kit at any time as long as you're logged into the RememBear app. For more information about what the Backup Kit is and why it's so important, see this article.

    Instructions for creating a completed Backup Kit can be found in this blog post.

    Whether you print your Backup Kit or write down the details by hand, be sure to store it somewhere safe!

    Important: You are required to make a note of the Master Password on the Backup Kit yourself as we can’t display it on-screen for security reasons.

    If you do not have access to your RememBear account you will not be able to create a Backup Kit. If you've run into this and you're unable to access your account, check out this article for more information.

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  • I already have a TunnelBear VPN account, can I use it to login to RememBear?

    Currently, no. You’ll need to create a separate RememBear account for the time being. See our information on how to get started for more info.

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  • How do I import items from another password manager into RememBear?

    RememBear has the ability to import passwords, credit cards and secure notes from LastPass and 1Password. We hope to add more import options in future versions. The import feature is currently available on RememBear for Windows and macOS.

    NOTE: Secure notes have a character limit of 5000. If you are trying to import notes that exceed this limit you'll be presented with a warning during the import procedure and the note will be automatically shortened. Two-Step Verification codes cannot be imported. 

    How to export from your current password manager:

    Exporting on LastPass: 

    Find more information on exporting your passwords to a .CSV file from LastPass here
    Make sure to select the option to “Include Column Labels” during export

    Exporting from 1Password: 

    Find more information on exporting your passwords to a .CSV file from 1Password here.
    Make sure to select “All Fields” and the option to “Include Column Labels” during export

    NOTE: RememBear only supports importing CSV files in English. If you are using 1Password in a language other than English please switch it before performing the export.

    How to import into RememBear:

    Importing on Windows:

    Open the RememBear application, locate the gear icon on the left hand side, under the General tab, find the Import section and select browse.

    You can also import passwords saved in both Chrome and Firefox* browsers. Simply head into your settings and locate the "Import from Browser" button. Then, select the browser(s) you want to import from and select the items you want to import.

    *If you have a Master Password set up in Firefox, you will not be able to use this import process as your bear will not be able to decrypt your passwords.

    Importing on MacOS: 

    Open the RememBear application, select File, then select Import and click Import from another password manager.

    For security reasons, don’t forget to delete the .CSV file completely once you’ve imported your passwords. 

    Importing on iOS or Android: 

    We don't currently support import on mobile platforms.

    NOTE: Some password managers may separate their .CSV headers using semicolons (;) when exporting. If you run into any issues importing your items, try changing the semicolons to commas and try again.

    If you run into any issues importing your passwords, let our Support Bears know.

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